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30 Jul 2012

Who is to say whether the fourth wave will allow the creation, on demand and in private, of living things of whatever size and complexity limited only by the DNA coding and the dimensions and sophistication of the desktop "compuprinter", beginning with viruses and ending with recognizable entities. No more meth-labs.

The next wave of 3D printer-desktop fusion models will create biological substances according to downloadable and possibly hacked DNA codes. The final product will be assembled molecule by molecule, noiselessly, privately, hygienically, without tell-tale odors, for clandestine packing and sale. Whichever awaits, it's coming full-tilt to you, and when your children are grown they will wonder why you ever bothered to go to a retail store to buy clothes, or to a grocery store to buy food, or to a pharmacy for medicine, or to a pet store to buy. Today's consumer 3D printers slowly and laboriously assemble tinker-toys for the delight of geeks and hackers. Everything from dynamite to anthrax will soon be available for manufacture in home compuprinters or Pandora's Box? With all the hype on mobile devices and mobile services, and MSPs, and ISVs, and enterprise software, and Cloud storage, and SaaS, little is being said about what has come to be seen as the dinosaur of the computing equation--the lowly desktop. Yantram 3D Animation studio Rome can help you for all research and detail collection work. They have expert annalist’s team to accomplish work.  They are also working in projects of 3D Interior Design Beijing, 3D Interior rendering Bogotá, 3d Rendering Bangkok, Photorealistic Interior Rendering Athens,3D Interior design Company Istanbul.

Even as computerization shrinks the physical dimensions of a desktop from a footprint to a handprint, even a fingerprint, the emergence of 3d Rendering Studio Lima printing is about to transform the lowly desktop into a miracle device capable of some of the most astounding, and frightening, processes ever conceived. Tomorrow's 3D Interior Design Tokyo & 3d Exterior Rendering Singapore "compuprinters" will produce clothing of every variety in one's home or kitchen, and in any quantity and size desired, limited only by the size of the printable aperture incorporated into one's desktop model, which will be re-designed with the printing mechanism as its central focus. The next wave will be the most astounding. The highest-end models already are manufacturing human skin and organs on demand for surgeons to implant in human subjects. A Genie's bottle? Now is the time to jump in, invest in the technology companies related to this development, or form your own company around the essential elements if you can nail down just the right patent. On the other hand, every conceivable pharmaceutical will also be available. The klieg lights may be aimed elsewhere, but a quiet development will soon bring them back.POD is currently destroying a book industry with a 500 year old manufacturing tradition. We are now in the midst of what I call a "Steve Jobs moment". Life-saving insulin will soon be available at the touch of a radio button on a website, the printing instructions sent to the diabetic's compuprinter residing in his home, coded to match the consumer's personal body chemistry. Make On Demand, or MOD, is about to do the same to every kind of manufacturing that depends on economy of scale.

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Author: Rachana Desai

Yantram 3D Interior Design Animation Studio


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